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Ways to Use Colour

Colour is light and without light there would be very little life on our planet. Colour effects us on many levels: emotionally, physically and spiritually; it’s used in both complimentary and scientific medicine. The colours we see are light waves which vary in length and vibration, the rays are absorbed and reflected by everything the light hits.

Colour has long been used as a form of therapy dating back to ancient Egypt, where healing rooms were built into temples. Each colour has meaning and you can use it to improve your well-being or alternatively visit a Colour Therapist.

Below is list of ways you can use colour to benefit your health:

There are many ways we can incorporate colour in to our every day life and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune, we can eat and wear different colours to boost our mood. We can also brighten up our homes and offices with plants, flowers, pictures, soft furnishing and changing the decor.


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