Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of mind that combines relaxation and concentration with heightened awareness. Our brains slip into hypnosis, commonly referred to as ‘trance’, several times a day – we just don’t realise it!

Whenever we daydream, we are in this altered state of awareness. Whenever we miss our stop on the tube because our mind was elsewhere, we are in a hypnotic trance state. When we are engrossed in a book or film and hear someone talking to us but we don’t respond because our attention is focused on that book or film, we are experiencing hypnosis.

These recognisable states are all trance-like states and are both normal and safe practices, but thanks to modern day Hollywood hysteria, we have come to view trance as something mysterious, even unethical and untrustworthy.

How it works?

Hypnotherapy is utilising this natural state of relaxed concentration and heightened awareness to affect desired changes in behaviour, be it physical, emotional or psychological. During this enjoyable state, suggestibility is amplified and you become very receptive to proper suggestion. In this relaxed yet highly focused state, suggestions are acted upon more powerfully than israys-516326_640 possible under normal waking conditions.

Hypnosis in induced simply by you listening to the therapist’s voice and focusing your attention on the words being spoken. Obviously there are many different techniques to induce trance, but there are no swinging pendulums or flashing, bright lights! It’s not a Hollywood movie! It’s serious therapeutic work combining psychology and counselling.

There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding Hypnosis and I’ll list some of the most frequently asked questions here, but you may have some of your own. Rest assured, ANY of your questions or concerns will be carefully addressed upon initial consultation.

How you can benefit?

Most people can be hypnotised—providing they are willing to. If you are able to focus your attention and have a genuine desire to achieve your goal then hypnosis can enable you to enter into a light state of trance.

Is hypnosis dangerous?

You are perfectly safe as hypnosis is a natural state of your own mind. Always make sure you are working with a professional Hypnotherapist and check their credentials! It is important that you feel confident and comfortable to begin your session.

You will remain in control at all times. All hypnosis is, in effect, self-hypnosis. You are the one who decides when you feel comfortable to enter into a trance state and when to open your eyes and interrupt the session.

When hypnotherapy can be of benefit:

  • Stress and Relaxation
  • Anxiety, Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Regression and Past Life Regression
  • Phobia
  • Weight Management
  • Smoking Cessation and Habit Breaking
  • Hypno Childbirth

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