Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Picture by Inner Balance Hypnotherapy

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is also known as tapping and is about freeing our negative emotions and memories stored within us. EFT is loosely based on the ancient art of acupuncture but without the acupuncture needles.

Unresolved emotional issues can cause deep unhappiness and ultimately, illness and physical pain with the resulting disruption to our energy system. EFT combines the emotional element, with the ancient principles of acupuncture, to address the causes of these energy disruptions using a gentle tapping procedure on the meridian points of the body. Impressive results are seen because the process treats the cause of the pain or illness, instead of symptoms.

Energy meridians run through our body and they can become blocked or disrupted by unresolved emotional issues. The result is a blocked or disrupted energy field which prevents the body from carrying out its natural healing process. By using the gentle tapping process of EFT on key meridian points the energy field is re-aligned and, when EFT is properly applied, both emotional and physical symptoms can subside.

Emotional Freedom Technique can help you benefit in the following situations:

  • Stop smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Release fears & phobias
  • Eliminate addictions & allergies
  • Remove stress & anxiety
  • Improve relationships
  • Stop panic attacks
  • Achieve your goal
  • Feel happy and relaxed

Tap into the new You!