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Colour and its Meaning

Colour and its meaning has been incorporated into our language. We say things like caught red handed or we see the world through rose tinted glasses and singing the blues. We can get into a black mood or develop green fingers and we speak of grey areas. It could be argued that colour is used as a way to express our feelings and experiences and having an awareness of colour could help to deepen are understanding of life.

I have put together a brief list of the colours and their attributes:

Blue – communication, peaceful, honesty, loyalty, integrity, idealistic, sadness, creative, calm, wisdom, conservative, confident and authority
Turquoise – emotional control, protective, orderly, idealistic, sophisticated, self-sufficiency, clarity of thought and communication
Green – growth, hope, harmony, sensitive, balance, possessive, envy, rejuvenating and nurturing
Lime Green – perceptive, non-judgemental and fearful
Yellow – happiness, fun, ideas, impatience, cheerful, cowardice, optimistic, powerful, intellect and enthusiastic
White – purity, new beginnings, orderly, spiritual, positive, unity and innocence
Grey – control, neutrality, tranquil, aloof, guarded, compromise, detached and indecision
Black – mystery, serious, secure, authoritative, dramatic, death, sophisticated and pessimistic.
Beige – well-adjusted, balanced, hardworking, reliable and honest
Brown – stability, passive, receptive, serious, loyal, security, natural, wholesome, comforting and protective
Orange – adventure, warmth, joy, assertive, superficial, friendship, enthusiasm, pessimistic, courage, vitality and stimulating
Pink – nurturing, compassion, loving, hope, immature, feminine, calm, maternal and affection
Magenta – practical, balance, transformation, energising, fun, exciting, compassion and harmony
Red – energy, sensual, successful, restless, intense, desire, passion, assertive, aggression, dynamic, action, ambition and motivating
Indigo – intuition, sensitive, spiritual, addictive, open-minded, integrity, wisdom and idealistic
Violet – inspiration, intricate, mystical, spirituality, immature, empathy, dignity, creativity and cynical
Gold – success, wealth, achievement, abundance, enlightenment, generosity and extravagance
Silver – illumination, moon, fluidity, sensitive, calming, soothing, wealth, reflection and femininity

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Recommended reading and sources

Colour Therapy by Pauline Wills
Thorns Principles of Colour Healing by Ambika Wauters and Gerry Thompson


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