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Colour Visualization

Visualisation is becoming a popular way to help us relax, especially with the increased awareness of mindfulness. Visualisation is similar to meditation, it’s a good way to focus and centre your attention, especially for those of us who are short of time. Visualisation has been used in a spiritual context for thousands of years and more recently as an effective tool for athletes and business executives.

Before starting this exercise you may want to choose the colour that associates your area of focus. Find somewhere quite where you will not be disturbed, get comfortable and try to relax your body by breathing deeply and slowly.

For the purpose of this exercise we will use the colour red.

  • Close your eyes, relax and breathe out expelling the air from your lungs – visualising all the stress and anxiety leaving your body.
  • Focus on your breathing, ensure that the rhythm is slow and deep.
  • Imagine the colour Red is everywhere, you will feel the colour red seeping into your body with each breathe you take, it flows into your lungs, through your body and out again.
  • You will begin to feel the red as energising, alive and exhilarated, you will feel your sexual energies stirring and expanding, making you feel vibrant and confidant.
  • As the red pulsates with each breathe you take, all your anxieties and stresses will melt away, the feeling of energy and vitality will feel stronger and stronger.

Continue this exercise until you are ready to stop, you may use other colours to calm, harmonise or develop you psychic abilities. Before each exercise, plan what you wish to obtain. Use colour breathing and visualisation to focus and empower your desires.

  • Red — stimulates the physical body and nervous system, it also helps activate the libidinal energies.
  • Orange — helps balance the mind and emotions, it helps create patience and tolerance and can also aid in the expansion of the mind.
  • Yellow — will relax the nervous system, uplift depression and stimulates the intellectual mind.
  • Green — can calm physical and mental stress, it will activate the body’s natural immune system, enables the regeneration of organs and cells and green can also bring about a state of harmony.
  • Blue — soothes mental strain and the nervous system, it stimulates the spiritual force and activates self-understanding and self-development.
  • Indigo — develops intuition and psychic abilities, alleviates inner fears and will encourage one to go beyond the known material world.
  • Violet — creates a sense of mental and emotional calmness, inspires and encourages personal growth. Violet will also stimulate the need to understand the life’s purpose.

You may choose more than one colour in your practice there are no set rules so you can experiment with what you feel works best.


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